SKID ADVANCED timing belts

Innovative belt technology - Flexible use from body shop to final assembly

The new Walther Flender SKID ADVANCED timing belt combines a completely new belt technology with the in-depth industry knowledge of Walther Flender application experts. The SKID ADVANCED timing belt was specially developed for use in automotive production and is convincing because it can be used in almost all production areas.

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SKID ADVANCED timing belt drives (EN) Product data sheet (EN) 576.51 KB pdf
SKID ADVANCED timing belt drives (GER) Product data sheet (GER) 576.10 KB pdf
SKID Conveyor rollers (GER) Product information (GER) 7.55 MB pdf
Product information "SKID ADVANCED timing belts"
Technical data
  •  Tooth profile: HTD Pitch 8M
  •  Lengths: 800 - 2,400 mm
  •  Material: Polyurethane
  •  Fabric: Nylon
  •  Tension cords made of glass fibre
  •  No distance lines
  •  Electrically conductive according to ISO 9563
  •  Varnish-compatible
  •  Optimal in combination with Walther Flender SKID timing belt pulleys
Product features
  •  Can be used in wet areas
  •  Chemical-resistant
  •  No distance lines due to innovative manufacturing process
  •  Powerful and accurate positioning

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