L.E.A.N. Drive - Determine the life span of your drive yourself

Walther Flender GmbH has developed a new method for drive design called L.E.A.N. Drive, which in the future will make it possible to design the timing belt drive according to the life span required by the customer.

In the past, the life span could only be roughly estimated on the basis of empirical values. This usually resulted in drives that were significantly oversized, which was always at the expense of efficiency. Together with the University of Stuttgart, we have developed a completely new, application-specific and patented design methodology.

Based on extensive test series in our own test laboratories and specially developed algorithms, the software - taking into account the various operating conditions - can now accurately predict the life span not only of timing belts, but of almost all components that are subject to mechanical wear.

For timing belt drives dimensioned using L.E.A.N. Drive, we offer an extended warranty period of up to 60 months. Accordingly, our customers receive a timing belt drive that is optimal for them - also economically - and can schedule maintenance of the drive to match their production times.

More Information

Learn more about  L.E.A.N. Drive in our brochure.