Taper Lock Bushes

Quick and easy assembly

Taper Lock clamping bushes fix the hub to the shaft in a precisely axially centred manner. They are pre-drilled and grooved for the most common shaft diameters. This means that the clamping bushes can be fitted much faster than feather keys and shaft nuts.

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Taper lock bushes (EN) Product data sheet (EN) 180.67 KB pdf
Taper lock bushes (GER) Product data sheet (GER) 181.86 KB pdf
Product information "Taper Lock Bushes"
Technical data
  •  For shaft diameters of between 10 and 125 mm
  •  For shaft tolerances of between + 0.05 and 0.125 mm
  •  Material: grey cast iron 17 construction dimensions
Product features
  •  Quick and easy assembly
  •  Closes conically and is force-fitting
  •  Phosphated in black for protection against corrosion
  •  Defined slipping torques and clamping forces for every size of clamping bush
Industry-specific solutions
  •  Surface treatments such as nickel plating
  •  Industry-specific material such as stainless steel

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