Application-optimized worm gears

Designed for your individual case of operation

Thanks to their advantageous properties our worm gears can be used in a very wide range of areas within drive technology. Naturally, we can offer you our worm gears in special variants designed for your individual application. Variants might include an integrated slip clutch, a stainless steel shaft, a special hollow shaft or with the ability to attach hydraulic motors.

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Gear motors (GER) Operation instructions (GER) 3.12 MB pdf
Gear motors - ATEX directive (GER) Operation instructions (GER) 1.02 MB pdf
Worm gears (GER) Product information (GER) 16.76 MB pdf
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Product information "Application-optimized worm gears"
Available designs
  •  Worm gear with integrated slip clutch
  •  Worm gear with stainless steel hollow shaft
  •  Worm gear to attach hydraulic motors
  •  Special hollow shafts

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