Industrial Freewheels

High degree of reliability and switching precision

Walther Flender freewheels are tried-and-tested drive elements in system and machine construction. The industrial freewheel, as a self-switching machine element, is superior to conventional solutions, particularly due to its high degree of reliability and shift precision. Walther Flender industrial freewheels can be used as a freewheeling clutch, switch freewheel or non-return device.

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Product information "Industrial Freewheels"
Technical data:
  •  Maximum output: 44,500 Nm
  •  Maximum rotation speed: 15,000 rpm
  •  Dimensions (according to design) after ball bearing row 62, 63
  • Available as clamping roller freewheels ( low to medium idling speeds) and as sprag type freewheels (high idling speeds )
Product features
  •  High degree of economy
  •  Can be used as freewheeling clutch, switch freewheels and non-return device
  •  High degree of reliability
  •  Compact design
  •  High switching precision
  •  Can be delivered with and without bearings
  •  Can be combined with various flanges, lids and elastic coupling

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