Torsionally rigid shaft all-steel couplings

Clearance-free and maintenance-free

Our all-steel coupling was specially developed for drive concepts where reliable, maintenance-free torque transfer is required. The Walther Flender all-steel coupling is now available in 13 different types, meaning that it can have a lot of uses. The transfer elements are torsionally rigid plate packs made of rustproof spring steel strips, which means that this shaft coupling can be used in ambient temperatures of -25 °C to +160 °C.

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All-steel coupling (GER) Installation & Maintenance instructions (GER) 392.60 KB pdf
Couplings (GER) Product information (GER) 4.82 MB pdf
Product information "Torsionally rigid shaft all-steel couplings"
Technical data:
  •  Torque transfer up to 36,400 Nm
  •  Thermally stable from -25 °C to +160 °C
Product features
  •  Clearance-free, torsionally rigid coupling
  •  High degree of economy
  •  Maintenance-free

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