Angular gears - Heavy version up to 1.120 kW/9.940 Nm

Flexibility due to various installation positions

Bevel gears are the optimum drive element when torques, force and motion must be transferred at an angle and high levels of efficiency are required. The “WF angular gear, heavy version” product range offers 8 sizes, in various shapes and with 6 transmission ratios. The cube-shaped housings of the angular gears in the heavy version are sturdy cast iron or aluminium, are worked on all sides and are equipped with threaded boreholes to allow them to be fixed in any position.

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Angular gears (GER) Product information (GER) 10.83 MB pdf
Angular gears (GER) Installation & Maintenance instructions (GER) 2.60 MB pdf
Electric motors (GER) Product information (GER) 4.38 MB pdf
Gear motors (GER) Operation instructions (GER) 3.12 MB pdf
Gear motors - ATEX directive (GER) Operation instructions (GER) 1.02 MB pdf
Product information "Angular gears - Heavy version up to 1.120 kW/9.940 Nm"
Technical data:
QB series:
  •  With aluminium housing
  •  Maximum output: 1121 kW
  •  Maximum torque: 9940 Nm
  •  Transmission ratios of up to 2/1
  •  8 construction dimensions

BG series:
  •  With housing in sturdy cast-iron construction
  •  Maximum output: 344 kW
  •  Maximum torque: 2700 Nm
  •  Transmission ratios of up to 5/1
  •  8 construction dimensions
Product features
  •  Short delivery times
  •  High degree of economy
  •  High efficiency
  •  Can be used in various installation positions
  •  Particularly heavy duty and reliable
  •  Equipped with spiral-toothed bevel wheels and quality ball bearings as standard
  •  Precise and low-noise running
  •  Also available with a stainless steel shaft 
  •  Can be combined with all commercially available IEC flange motors

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