Single-stage worm gears series U up to 17,7 kW/1.500 Nm

All the benefits in a single block

The Walther Flender worm gears in series U are supplied with a monoblock housing made of pressure die-cast aluminium and can thus be used universally. The gearboxes are available in 9 sizes and are maintenance-free thanks to the oil filling that will last their entire service life.

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Electric motors (GER) Product information (GER) 4.38 MB pdf
Gear motors (GER) Operation instructions (GER) 3.12 MB pdf
Gear motors - ATEX directive (GER) Operation instructions (GER) 1.02 MB pdf
Worm gears (GER) Product information (GER) 16.76 MB pdf
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Product information "Single-stage worm gears series U up to 17,7 kW/1.500 Nm"
Technical data:
  • Block construction
  • Maximum output: 17.7 kW
  • Maximum torque: 1500 Nm
  • Transmission ratios of up to 100/1
  • 9 construction dimensions
Product features
  •  Short delivery times
  •  High degree of economy
  •  Compact design 
  •  Wide gear reduction potential within one level
  •  Ideal shaft-mounted gear
  •  Impact- and vibration-damping and low-noise running
  •  High load resistance
  •  Maintenance-free
  •  Self-locking effect in the event of high gear reduction
  •  Can be combined with all commercially available IEC flange motors

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