Tension idlers & deflection rollers

For a highly functional and long-lasting belt drive

An application-specific and optimally set belt pre-tension force significantly increases the service life and the functionality of the entire belt drive. For custom-fit setting of the pre-tension force, or to implement complex belt routes, Walther Flender can offer you idlers, back tension idlers and deflection rollers customised for your application.

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3D Timing Belt Pulley Configurator

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Component parts for timing belt drives (GER) Product information (GER) 6.05 MB pdf
Overview timing belt drives (GER) Product information (GER) 30.38 MB pdf
Product information "Tension idlers & deflection rollers"
Technical Data
  •  Material: Aluminium / Steel, further materials available on request 
  • Manufacturing as per drawing
Product features
  •  Custom-fit setting of belt pre-tension force
  •  Implementation of complex belt routes
  •  Tailor-made for your application
Industry-specific solutions
  •  Industry-specific materials

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